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Sutherlandia and AIDS Patients - Summary of a field trip in South Africa... more...

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  The House of Traditional

Thesis: The influence of Sutherlandia frutescens on adrenalcytochrome P450 11ß-hydroxylase by Catherine Anne Sergeant

Sources of Sutherlandia - Where to buy it

African Botanicals .com
Suppliers of Sutherlandia frutescens tablets and Sutherlandia Gel and Big Tree Sutherlandia / African Ginseng™. Sutherlandia capsules sold in a 60x350mg vege-cap and the tablets are sold in 60x300mg doses.

Biogenesis AntiAging
Buy Sutherlandia 350mg capsules here and Sutherlandia Pro here. Biogenesis ships worldwide and has been operating online since 1997.

Big Tree Nutraceutical
Big Tree do a capsuled version of Sutherlandia. The Big Tree Sutherlandia (also called African Ginseng™) has an increased dosage size to 350mg per capsule. The capsules are suitable for vegetarians and contain only milled Sutherlandia frutescens subsp. microphylla, no fillers etc.

Terra Treatment
Terra Treatment offer Sutherlandia capsules which are shipped from The Netherlands to individuals in Europe and worldwide. They offer Sutherlandia tablets, gel and capsules.

Life Elements
An excellent source for Anti-Aging and Life-Extension nutraceuticals in Southern Africa. Soma is the premier supplier of high-integrity wholefood super-nutrition and authentic live-source supplementation. is a convenient online sales point for supplements and health and beauty products. Their guaranteed country-wide shipping is prompt and reliable. With over 1600 products from popular brands, is fast becoming the most comprehensive online health shop in South Africa! Click here to see their Sutherlandia products. iHeal only ships around the world.



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