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Sutherlandia and AIDS Patients - Summary of a field trip in South Africa... more...


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Thesis: The influence of Sutherlandia frutescens on adrenalcytochrome P450 11ß-hydroxylase by Catherine Anne Sergeant


Questions and Answers Page

This page is in a state of continual development. The answers of all relevant questions asked will be published here.

To ask a questions, please click here.

Questions and Answers

Does Sutherlandia offer relief to cancer patients?
This question is one that is often asked. It has been explained in full here.

How can Sutherlandia help patients who suffer from HIV/AIDS?
This question has been answered in full here.

Can you address safety of Sutherlandia with regards to Canavanine?
This question does come up and is addressed here.

Have there been any recent field trips where doctors administer Sutherlandia?
Yes, click here for details.

I have severe eczema. Would Sutherlandia Gel help my condition?
Eczema is notoriously difficult to treat, and has more than one causative factor. I can simply recommend that you have a trial of treatment with the Sutherlandia Gel (available at to see if it assists in this particular case. We have had excellent reports of efficacy in eczema sufferers. Interestingly in a few cases we have had reports that in very sensitive or allergic individuals there was initially a slight increase in redness of the rash but with persistence the condition cleared up. I am also in favor of people with eczema avoiding dairy products, and milk in particular. Milk can be substituted by rice or soya or oat milk products.

I have cholangiocarcinoma - cancer of the common bile duct - and will not be receiving any radio- or chemotherapy because of their limited effectiveness in this type of cancer. I have been taking Sutherlandia (one tablet twice a day) which I have prescribed for myself! However I am concerned that taking Sutherlandia without consultation may be bad for my liver.
We have not had a single report of any liver problems reported to us from people using Sutherlandia, in spite of having sold more than 100 000 units of product, and at least 50 medical doctors prescribing our product to patients that they monitor. Depending on the extent of your tumor, obstruction of the bile duct is well known to cause some derangement in liver function, however.

Would Sutherlandia be effective for progressively bad psoriasis?
For psoriasis I would suggest a trial of Sutherlandia, 300mg taken twice a day after meals day, plus Sutherlandia Gel topically applied to affected areas twice a day (mornings and evenings). After the gel is absorbed into the skin, rub in a thin film of cold-pressed black seed.

Would sutherlandia be of any use in the recovery from shingles?
We do not have any data on Sutherlandia tablets and the effect on post-shingles pain but a Gel from Sutherlandia is available that is very effective in relieving the discomfort of acute shingles and it facilitates healing, and similarly for herpes sores.

If shingles or herpes are recurrent, I would advise a background of 1 Sutherlandia tablet twice a day, and the use of the gel topically twice a day. I would also advise a health professional investigate the reason for recurrent herpes and/or shingles, to ensure there is no underlying cause of immunodeficiency such a diabetes, malignancy, HIV, TB etc.

Is there any evidence that Sutherlandia has any benefit in the treatment of the Hepatitis-C virus? I read on the question and answer page that one woman was concerned about how it may affect her liver. I am presently taking an assortment of vitamins and herbs to combat the virus. Is there any evidence that Sutherlandia reacts in any way with other herbs?
Sutherlandia has been used in indigenous medicine to treat unspecified liver conditions. We have no information on its efficacy in managing Hepatitis C.

What is this novel triterpenoid glucoside suspected of doing? What other substances closely related to it (chemically) have documented attributes? Are there any risks?
This research is ongoing and exciting. It may be immuno-modulatory and anti-inflammatory, among other activities being considered.

What should be the dosage for individuals who are doing bodybuilding and athletics?
One tablet or capsule of 400mg taken twice a day after meals.

What type of eczema can Sutherlandia gel treat?
A trial of the gel, applied to to three times a day is recommended for any eczema. Many patients report good results, but of course not all.

Are the production facilities ISO certified?
The production facilities of the tablets are approved to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements of the Medicines Control Council of South Africa (MCC).

Can Sutherlandia Gel treat muscle sores?
I have not had any reports on this, and have never tried it out. I think that topical gel, and a five day course of Sutherlandia tablets will be effective for stiff and over-trained muscles.

Are the production facilities ISO certified?
The production facilities of the tablets are approved to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements of the Medicines Control Council of South Africa (MCC).

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